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Ready TECH go!

At Children's Castle EduCare, we are passionate about providing a comprehensive curriculum in each classroom that is comprehensive, age-appropriate, and that ensures each child's success. Our Ready TECH go! curriculum is described below:

Reggio-Emilia +

EVERY child has potential and needs to be given opportunities to develop their inborn gifts and interests. The Reggio approach uses natural environments and encourages children's natural curiosities. At CCE, we incorporate a heavy science emphasis, with gardening and technology.

Emergent +

CCE teachers plan activities based on the INTERESTS of the children. While we do plan ahead with annual themes, teachers have the flexibility to adjust their plans week-to-week based on what the children are interested in.


Developed by the University of Dayton, the ACCESS system incorporates WEBBING as a way for teachers to build ideas and activities around a central theme, called "Investigations." All Investigations are based on a holiday or a science/technology topic. We also incorporate poetry memorization with each theme, as research shows memorization greatly enhances brain development.


Documentation is critical to our success. Daily Sheets, Assessments, Lesson Plans, Portfolio Observations, and all communications with parents are done in our online system called LIFECUBBY. Assessments and Parent-Teacher Conferences are done in fall and spring.

Yes I Can!

We are committed to ensuring that children are READY for their next steps in life! That means helping children achieve their early milestones (firsts), helping with potty training, ensuring that children are always ready for the next room before transitioning, and helping with Kindergarten prep and school.

TECH go!

Children's Castle EduCare is the most TECH-FORWARD child care center around! We use Tech in every way possible, from classroom documentation kiosks, to computers for the children, a Smart Board, a Smart Table, iPads and more. Documentation and communications are done online, and teachers take photos/video daily.

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